In Memory of some of my Rhodesians


What an absolutely amazing dog he was. He had the perfect temperament for the foundation male. His great temperament is passing on to his offspring, as well as theirs. He was a great dog to be added to the lineage of Rhodesian Ridgebacks.


Such a sweet loving dog. She is definitely missed and I was so fortunate to have a daughter who looks and acts just like her. She had some amazing puppies and their offspring will continue to carry on her temperament..


She was also a sweet laid back loving dog. She had such a gentle face and great personality.


This was my pride and joy. He had the body structure that I wanted, the great looking head and that amazing South African lineage. His contribution to his wonderful breed will carry on through the many offspring I have kept throughout the years. Not to mention a few of his sons, including one here with me.

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