Puppy Purchase Procedures

   Buying a puppy based on pictures and not physically seen, from a stranger on the internet, is a very uncertain and risky business, especially with all the internet scams going on. I too have experienced that feeling more times than one. I have imported several puppies from South Africa, as well as many different places here in the United States. I have always tried to deal with someone this is forthcoming with all the negative points of every puppy, as well as the positive. Therefore, I too will try to be as honest and straight forward as possible to make your experience as stress free as possible.

   With this said, the instinctual ideal that a lot of people have, of me being able to let you come play with all the puppies and meet you, is unfortunately not possible, especially with young, unvaccinated puppies. The largest percentage of the time our puppies are going to other states, which these families have no choice other than to pick from the pictures and trust the opinion and input from the breeder. Therefore, those who happen to live within driving distance, will also have to follow the same guidelines as those out of state. It is just not safe to let everyone come handle them, play with them, and take that kind of chance to introduce any type of diseases into the kennel. For this reason please note that we DO NOT schedule meetings with the puppies, or allow anyone  outside of the family to handle the puppies, until  they are vaccinated and over 9 weeks old. This is for the health and  safety of the puppies. Therefore, your first physical contact with the puppy will be when you pick him/her up.

   Communicable diseases in dogs are on the rise and it is a potential risk to our puppies health. We work extremely hard to  maintain a meticulously clean, safe and healthy environment, which is a 24/7 job.

   What we have done to try and make this situation easier, is to take many pictures of every puppy, in each litter, so we can send them to prospective families. We also list the pictures here on the website, as well as other sites that list puppies for sale.

   We are able to answer questions on personality traits, markings, etc., more efficiently than someone just dropping by to look at all of them, for an hour or two, since we handle them for hours every day. Which puts us in a better place to be more informed, and knowledgeable of the normal personality of each puppy.

   Please allow us to help you make the best decision on which puppy is right for your particular circumstances. Take the time to let me answer any questions you may have. Let me help you to make this as comfortable and easy as possible. Allow me to share with you my 19 years of experience and knowledge, of breeding this wonderful breed, to fit you and your family with the ideal puppy.


   When you are able to come to the kennel,  to pick up your puppy, you will see the Pawpatch Kennel office, with the sign on door, as you turn in, this is the set up place for picking up your puppy, here at the kennel.

   Also, all pick ups are scheduled and we do not allow any physical tours of the kennel, for the same reason of the chance of bring communicable diseases into the kennel. If we limit the amount of traffic in the kennel area, then we shorten our chances of diseases. There will be NO unscheduled visits to pick up puppies. We have to make sure we are available, as well as some days there are more than one scheduled to pick up their puppy.

   Please try to arrive at your scheduled time, due to there may be others scheduled to pick up their puppy and it makes an uncomfortable situation to have two families here at once.

   The preceding procedures are totally necessary in order to maintain a healthy environment for the puppies as well as the adult dogs. You can visually see some of the kennel from my office.



   The largest percentage of families have been completely happy with their choice they made from the photos and detailed information we provided. I have learned from mistakes of others, as well as some of my own, which unfortunately causes us to make changes to better the environment for our puppies, as well as our dogs.  

   If due to the process I have put in place, causes you to go else where for a puppy, then I completely understand. We would not want nor would I ever pressure anyone to take one of my puppies, without being happy with their choice. I want nothing more than for my puppies to go into the best homes in the world, and I love hearing these words, from families that have my dogs, "this is the best dog I have ever owned". That is my motivation to continue doing what I do, but most of all I love this breed of dog. I have always said "The Rhodesian Ridgeback has been the best kept secret in the dog world". Well it's past time for everyone to know, they are they best dog there is!!

Picking up procedures

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