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Breeding for "healthy, dignified, intelligent, good temperament family companions"


We are a small family kennel located in East Texas. We have bred Rhodesian Ridgebacks for 24 years and have made many new friends along the way. We are striving to produce happy, healthy, dignified, intelligent, good temperament family companions.


Buying a dog unseen, from a stranger on the internet, is a very uncertain and risky business. I have experienced that feeling myself. I have imported several dogs from South Africa, as well as many different places here in the states. I have always dealt with someone that is forthcoming with all the negative points of every dog as well as the positive. So, I will be as honest and straight forward as possible to make your experience as stress free as possible.


Rhodesian Ridgeback breeding is a labor of love for this breed. I get my satisfaction from the fact that the new owner of the dog, enjoys his/her dog and the dog is as good or better than expected. I can only allocate the right dog to the right owner, if I know their preferences.


As with any breed of dog, most breeders are aware of hip dysplasia and many other possible conditions. These are indeed very difficult to cope with, and not one breeder in the world, can as yet claim, that they breed dogs which are free of any and all of these conditions. We still work hard to have healthy dogs. We do not breed dogs with visible defects.


Some scientists say that 50% of the dog development depends on the owners care, nutrition, environment and exercise (balance) of the puppy, are very important for the development of the hips, as well as the overall health of the puppy. Therefore, a Rhodesian Ridgeback owner cannot always blame the breeder of the dog, if things go wrong. We try to breed the best Rhodesian Ridgebacks, we possibly can.







All our dogs are AKC registered. We are inspected by AKC, to ensure we are meeting their requirements to be a breeder. We are really proud of our affilation with AKC. Please ask to see my approved inspections.  We are also inspected and licensed by the Texas Department of Licensing and Regulations (TDLR), as a Texas Licensed Dog Breeder. I am proud to say we are the ONLY TDLR licensed Rhodesian Ridgeback kennel in the State of Texas, according to my TDLR inspector.   

License #287

Dog breeders are regulated by the Texas Department of Licensing and Regulation, P.O. Box 12157, Austin, Texas 78711, 1-800-803-9202, 512-463-6599,


When looking for the perfect Rhodesian Ridgeback puppy you want to first consider their temperament. Finding the right puppy can sometimes be very difficult and I know how that feels. Take the time to let me answer any questions you many have and let me help you to make this as easy as possible. So what do you look for in a breeder and how do you know you found the right one for  you?? You just know!!! You know the minute you talk with them, just as I know the minute I have found the perfect family for my puppy!*****Making New Friends** One Puppy at a Time**** Call or email me and see why we are different.


Visit us on our facebook page                                                                 We welcome any and all of our past, present and future friends to visit and join. We love all the comments, and posted pictures on the page... keep them coming, we absolutely love it. The facebook page is a great place to find positive information about the quality of puppies coming from our kennel.









Steve Quick

803 Anderson County Road 2133

Palestine, Texas 75801

903-538-0117 (home phone)

903-373-3129 (cell phone)

Try cell phone first. 

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