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Due to the pandemic (Covid 19) there is only one airline presently shipping puppies and they have added a surcharge to the cost. It is also harder to ship puppies to some parts of the United States, but most of the time I can get close. With that said I now decided to only ship my puppies with a reputable ground shipper. The only one I use is absolutely amazing and does an awesome job with the puppies. The cost of shipping by ground is about the same as it is for airlines, and in most cases less. So, for the time being I will only ship puppies with the ground shipper unless there is a situation where she cannot transport to your area. The pandemic has changed so much, and it was become increasing more difficult to ship puppies by airlines, so I began searching for a good ground shipper and I found a great one. 

When your puppy is ready to go home, you will be notified promptly and asked to set up a time to pick up your new puppy within 5 days. If you have extenuating circumstances and need more time before picking up your new puppy, we will charge a boarding fee of $8 per day. 

See more information on shipping on the deposit form.



Why Don't You Offer a One Year Guarantee?

The way dogs are cared for, the quality of their food, vet care and level of environmental stress all affect how healthy they are. We cannot be sure how a puppy is going to be cared for when they leave us - if they will be fed correctly, taken to the vet and receive preventative care, etc. For that reason, we do not offer long term health guarantees. We do guarantee that your puppy will be healthy upon pick up and current on all vaccinations, de-worming and vet care. You can rest assured that your puppy is bred from healthy and hereditarily sound parentage. We give them the best start possible and then it is up to you to make sure your puppy receives the best care and food to ensure a long, healthy life.


Why I do not remove dew claws... (front and back)...

The removal of a dog’s dew claw is controversial, and illegal in some countries. Active dogs that have had their dew claws removed are prone to developing arthritis at the carpal joint, sometimes sufficiently severe. 

The removal of dew claws is also something that was started because those who show dogs felt it made the dog look cleaner. They were only concerned with the appearance of the dog rather than the impact it may have on the dogs health and welfare.  A dew claw is comparable to a thumb on a human and classified as a vestigial digit, but it’s not a dead appendage. The dew claw touches the ground, having the dew claw gives the dog an advantage when running and performing agility exercises. However, removal of the dew claws has the potential of causing a negative impact and cause instability, especially when running.

The more compelling argument against removing dew claws from dogs, though, is that there is evidence that the dew claws serve a purpose. The fact is that dew claws on the front legs are attached to functioning tendons. The tendons are attached to muscles. So, if you remove the dew claws, there will be muscles in your dog’s legs that will atrophy due to lack of use. The dew claws actually work to prevent excessive torque on the leg. If the dew claws aren’t present, the leg can twist over and over, and ultimately the dog can become lame.

I kind of figure that God, or Mother Nature, or whatever you might believe in, that’s in control of the proper functioning of the universe and the creatures therein, put those dew claws there for a reason.



Below is my health guarantee. Please read it completely and if you have any questions then please feel free to ask. This is to ensure there are no miscommunication on what to expect before and after you purchase your puppy. I follow this guarantee and so should the new owner. This is only for you to be able to read and know what is in my contract of sale. I will supply you with the original completed one upon pick up your puppy or by postal mail, if I ship the puppy.

Pawpatch Kennel

Rhodesian Ridgebacks

Steve Quick

803 ACR 2133 Palestine, Texas 75801

(903) 538-0117

TDLR #287




Thank you for your purchase of a Pawpatch Kennel Rhodesian Ridgeback. This is an agreement for the sale of a Rhodesian Ridgeback puppy, born _________, from the breeding of the following two dogs: (Dam), AKC #______________ and (Sire), AKC #________________, between (Breeder) Steve Quick and (Buyer) for the price of $________.


The Conditions of this Sale are as Follows:


The Buyer accepts the responsibility for caring for this puppy (dog) and providing properly for its welfare.


The Buyer agrees to follow the Breeders instructions on care, housing, diet, treatment and health.


The Buyer agrees that his/her puppy (dog) will always receive prompt, good medical care.


The Buyer agrees that this puppy (dog) will never be sold, leased or given to any pet shop, animal shelter, research laboratory or similar facility.


The Buyer’s puppy (dog) has been selectively bred for health and good temperament.


The buyer is also advised not to take the puppy into public places or allow it to socialize with dogs that may be unvaccinated, until its immunizations are in order.


Dog breeders are regulated by the Texas Department of Licensing and Regulation, P.O. Box 12157, Austin, Texas 78711, 1-800-803-9202, 512-463-6599,


The Buyer’s puppy (dog) has been selectively bred for health and good temperament. The Breeder guarantees that this puppy (dog) is presently free of any life-threatening diseases and is currently up to date on his/her vaccinations/worming. Breeder recommends that the Buyer have the puppy (dog) examined by a licensed Veterinarian of Buyer’s choice in order to certify the health of said puppy (dog), within 72 hours of acceptance (Sundays & Holidays excluded). The Breeder will not be responsible for any Veterinarian cost. The Breeder agrees if the puppy (dog) is found to have any life threatening, incurable, diseases, a veterinarian certificate describing the problem, from two certified veterinarians must be sent to the Breeder. The Buyer is then entitled to a choice of another puppy (of equal value/quality). If the puppy (dog) dies or/is euthanasia within the 72-hour period prior to being examined by a licensed veterinarian, then a death certificate must accompany the veterinarian’s report. This would all be sent to the Breeder. Should the Buyer fail to take the puppy to a licensed Veterinarian within the 72-hour period, then this contract of sale is void. All issues that arise after the 72-hour exam is performed, is not the breeder’s responsibility.


Should there be a circumstance where a replacement puppy is necessary, then the Buyer may choose a replacement puppy (of equal value/quality of the same sex) from any litters, subject to availability, paying the difference in price if Buyer desires a more expensive puppy (as our prices do change occasionally). (Buyer pays shipping, for returning the original puppy and receiving the replacement puppy). Buyers replacement puppy will receive the same guarantee as the previous puppy (dog). If Buyer refuses to receive a puppy replacement, and Buyer decides to keep the puppy (dog), Buyer acknowledges that they will be treating the puppy (dog) at their own expense and the Breeder will not be responsible for any cost whatsoever. Buyer also will not receive a puppy replacement unless the original puppy (dog) is surrendered to Breeder.


 The Breeder will NOT be responsible for ANY genetic defects, which may have been present in the line from the ancestry and not present in the parents. The quality of our breeding stock is of very high standard but there is always a possibility of defects in any dog, which may occur in even 3 to 4 generations later.


The Breeder does not remove dew claws, front or back dew claws. The puppy will remain with its natural born dew claws. Should the Buyer decide to have them removed then it will be at the Buyers expense.


After purchase, Pawpatch kennels assumes NO responsibility for expenses of any kind. All shipping costs are Buyer’s responsibility. NO refunds on shipping, veterinary costs or expenses for any reason. This guarantee does NOT include: any acts of nature (including ingesting any unnatural items or liquids), contagious and infectious diseases, coronaries, ectropion, eye, ear or nose problems (any kind), hernias, undescended testicles, skin allergies, over/under bites, parasites (internal and/or external), dew claws, fleas, ticks, coccidiosis, giardia, demodex, hypoglycemia, heat or stress related conditions, abuse, neglect, injuries, improper diet or any other condition preventable or treatable by the buyer. Pawpatch kennel does not guarantee temperament, adaptability, size, coat quality or color at maturity, fertility, confirmation or ability to place in show. . Should the vet diagnosis the puppy with a heart murmur (regardless of rating), during the initial wellness exam, the Breeder will not discuss any options with the Buyer until the puppy reaches 6 months of age, due to the fact it is not uncommon for the puppy to outgrow the murmur.


The Buyer agrees to establish a booster vaccination program and heartworm preventative program with their veterinarian on their first visit. The Breeder has already supplied the first puppy shot and at least one worming to the puppy (dog). The Breeder recommends that you talk to your veterinarian about blood titer test, which is to measure your dog’s antibodies. With vaccination schedules, an ounce of prevention is truly worth a pound of cure. We want our dogs to live healthy and long lives and carefully vaccinating them will give them that extra edge.


The Buyer agrees that if at any time they are unable to keep the puppy (dog) due to a change in their circumstances and are forced to seek another “new” owner for the puppy (dog) or due to any other conceivable reason, then at that time, the Buyer agrees to notify the Breeder in writing by registered mail and telephone. The Breeder has first option of receiving the puppy (dog) as it’s “next” new owner before anyone else. Should the Breeder decide to take the puppy (dog), then the Buyer agrees to surrender the puppy (dog) and all registration papers to the Breeder at that time. This agreement does not mean there will be a refund of the purchase price to the Buyer or the Breeder has to re-purchase the puppy (dog) from the Buyer. The Breeder may elect to permanently keep the puppy (dog) or adopt the puppy (dog) out to a new suitable family. Should the Breeder choose not to take the puppy (dog) then the Buyer will then be able to find another suitable family for the puppy (dog). This agreement is to ensure the Breeder, that the Buyer will not place the puppy (dog) in an animal shelter or rescue.


Buyers signature indicates that he/she has reviewed and discussed this contract with Breeder prior to receiving said puppy (dog) and is in full agreement and approval of the above terms and conditions. Buyer agrees to pay all court costs, if the terms of this contract are disregarded and is litigated. Any suit shall be filed and prosecuted in Texas, under Texas law.


Buyers signature:__________________________________________________________________

                                    (sign one copy and return to me, keep the other for your records)


Buyers name:_____________________________________________________________________


Buyers Address:___________________________________________________________________


Phone #_____________________________________ Date signed:__________________________


Buyers email address:_______________________________________________________________


Breeders signature : ________________________________________________________________





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