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Why are Deposits Non-Refundable?


When you place a deposit on a puppy, I stop advertising that puppy. While your deposit is holding the puppy, other people aren't given a chance to buy that puppy because it is being held exclusively for you.

When you chose and put a deposit on a particular puppy, then I remove that puppy from my listings and put your name on him/her. The agreed upon price will be the purchase price, even if I end up lowering prices on other puppies in the litter. Also, there will be no swapping puppies once you decide on a particular puppy. The puppy you chose and put down a deposit on, is the puppy you will get. It is not fair to have removed a puppy from my listing and then try relisting him/her at a later time. Therefore, please make a definite decision on your choice before committing to that puppy. My deposit is half the price of the puppy you select. 

If you decide you no longer want the puppy, I have to spend time re-listing, advertising and trying to re-sell the puppy.

As puppies get older, it is harder to sell them. People who are in the market for a new puppy are generally looking for a young puppy. If I have been holding the puppy and it has gotten older, it will be harder for me to sell the puppy quickly and at the original price.

Any way you look at it, I lose time and money when someone backs out of a deal, so that is why deposits are non-refundable.

If circumstances arrive and make it impossible for you to buy the puppy - job loss or change, illness, family/marital problems, housing issues, etc., or you decide you do not want the puppy for any reason, you can always use the deposit for another puppy at a later date.

I try to be flexible, understanding and helpful in all 

This also applies to when I hold a puppy and it is past 8 weeks old, I require the payment in full for the puppy, unless we make other arrangements. Should you change your mind on getting the puppy, after paying in full, then the payment for the puppy will also be non-refundable.

Why are prices different between breeders?

The Rhodesian Ridgeback world can be very confusing when it comes to the many variations of prices. I too sometimes am amazed at some of the prices I see. There are two types of breeders: Show dog breeders and Family Companion breeders. When you are looking for a puppy to show then a Show dog breeder is definitely the way to go. Their puppies will be priced much higher due to the amount of money they spend on show and titling their dogs, which they seem to think makes them a better dog. Family Companion breeders are just that, their puppies are for the purpose of bring joy to some family as a companion. If a Family Companion breeder prices a puppy to you as a "Show Quality" you should ask them, what experience do they have at showing dogs and how are they qualified to make that determination. If they don't show, then they cannot say it is a show quality puppy. They too sometimes get caught up in the amount show dog breeders charge and price their puppies at their higher price range, which is wrong. We as Family Companion breeders have an obligation to price our puppies at a fair family companion dog price. Also, just because one breeder has their puppies priced lower does not mean they are bad quality puppies, talk to that breeder and you may find their dogs are as good or better than any, and they may have been breeding much longer than many of the other breeders. 

Why did the Price of the Puppies Change?


We price our puppies according to the current market value and based on their quality, which is normally a flaw in the ridge. If sales are sluggish, we may lower prices at any time. When you choose your puppy, agree to its price, you have entered into a binding agreement. You have paid for the opportunity of having first pick of the puppies who are available. You may pay a higher price if you pick from the litter early on. You are welcome to take a chance and wait to see if the prices drop, but you take a chance on not getting a puppy or getting one that isn't the exactly what you are looking for. We do not negotiate prices after a puppy has had a deposit placed on him/her. We will not refund any money or give any discounts because other puppies’ prices have been lowered.



Holding Puppies for Special Occasions:

We will hold puppies for birthdays, Christmas, etc. We hold puppies free of charge (aside from the required deposit) for Special Occasions until 8 weeks of age. After the puppy is 8 weeks old and weaned, we charge a $8.00 per day boarding fee until they go home with you. We will let you know ahead of time when we will start charging $8.00 per day. If you are unable to pick up or have your puppy shipped, until they are older than 8 weeks old, then the puppy will need to be paid for in full instead of putting down a deposit, which will be non-refundable. This is mainly due to it not being fair to the puppy, to get the opportunity to be in their new home at a younger age, as well as it is harder to place puppies even after 8 weeks old. We can also come to an arrangement should you need to wait to pick up the puppy after 8 weeks old, if necessary. Also, if the puppy stays long enough to need its next schedule vaccination, then there will be an extra fee for the vaccination too.  

My deposit information and requirements are as follows:


To place a hold on a puppy from one of our litters, we require half the price of the puppy for a deposit.
Initial deposits can be sent in the form of cashier's check, personal check, Venmo, Chime or Cashapp.  I no longer accept Paypal deposits or payments. The final payment is preferred to be paid in cash when you pick up the puppy, and paid by cashier's check, Venmo, Chime or Cashapp if transporting is necessary then it will need to be received 8 days before the scheduled picking up of the puppy.  
Once we decide you are sending the deposit, I will put your name on the puppy and hold it with the understanding the deposit is being mailed.
Deposits sent to hold a puppy are NON-REFUNDABLE....unless we are unable to provide you with a puppy at all. However, this deposit can be applied toward the purchase of another puppy from another litter should you decide to do so within 12 months of when the deposit was initially received by us.

Should we end up not having a puppy available for you at all, during the 12-month period, we will either refund your deposit, or you have the option of applying it toward a puppy from the first available litter. Should we have puppies come available during the 12-month period and you cannot decide on a puppy, then at the end of the 12 months the deposit will be no longer be usable.

The deposit is applied towards the purchase price of the puppy. All puppies are required to be paid in full (as well as any applicable shipping costs) no later than 8 days prior to shipping the puppy. The final payment has to be received by me within 8 days prior to transporting the puppy. Therefore, you will have to calculate the mailing time it takes to mail the final payment to arrive at least 8 days prior to transporting of the puppy.

I am now using a ground shipper only and they are priced at about the same price as the airlines price. It has become increasing more difficult to ship puppies as cargo with the airlines and the ground shipper I am now using does an amazing job and until something changes I will only ship puppies with the ground shipper, unless there is a circumstance where she cannot come to the area you live in. The best part is the puppy is delivered right the front door of your home. 
PERSONAL CHECKS CANNOT BE ACCEPTED FOR THE FINAL PAYMENT ON A PUPPY! When picking up the puppy in person, then the final payment must be made in cash. When the puppy is being transported, then final payment can be made by Cashier's Checks, Chime, Cashapp, or Venmo, which will be made 8 days prior to transporting the puppy. 

Please make all payments out to:
Steve Quick
Mail to:
803 ACR 2133
Palestine, Texas 75801




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